why can't my life be a shoujo manga []
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shiroi-bara said: AHAHA I don’t even think I answered the question properly oh my gosh; I think you as an individual are charming and cute uwu. I also love your blog like dang you gotta nice blog hnggg<3

sdlgjkhsdlgkjhg thank you so much this is so sweet!! you too babe right back at ya <33 shiroi-bara

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Anonymous said:
I follow you because you're totes mcscrotes radical and quite the hip person. Plus I think your blog is extremely coolio and all that fun jazz.

WOW look at this lingo you seem like a fantastic person who’s fun at parties

thanks man you are def extremely coolio

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shiroi-bara said:
*Ninja kicks through the room and to your blog and does a double flip twist and gets on one knee with virtual roses* u a rad blog and i love u bruh

WOWOWOw omg where hav u been all my life bruh *accepts your roses and smooches u on the nose*

your blog is frickin gorgeous too omg

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Title: Timber (2014 Solo Version)
Artist: Ke$ha
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Anonymous said:
i follow u cause u are hella

aYYyyyY ur the bomb.com thank u

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Anonymous said:
I followed you because you complete my blog.

ahhhhh that’s awesome thank you!!1

you complete me too ;)

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tell me why u follow me on anon
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